FireRover Fire Suppression System

Fire Rover™ Portable Fire Suppression System

Fire Rover™ Portable Fire Suppression SystemFire Rover is the one and only portable fire suppression system that effectively and efficiently prevents fire 24/7. Fire Rover is equipped with the FLIR A310F thermal camera, Watchdog’s award-winning video surveillance system and a powerful foam dispensing unit containing industries only dual UL listed fire suppressing agent FireAde 2000.

Fire Rover is the only system that can assure you, you’ll never have to worry about fires again. The moment a rise in temperature is detected, the Watchdog Security team is alerted, analyzes the situation and if needed, dispenses the foam to cool the hot spot or suffocate the fire.

The Fire Rover™ advantage:

  • Comprehensive solution for fire prevention
  • Portable and customizable for your specific needs
  • Suppresses fires of calibers including metal, petroleum, plastic, agriculture and waste
  • Can pinpoint hot spots the size of a grape within 2 degrees accuracy
  • Can detect fire in infancy before it flares
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by Watchdog Security
  • Real person analyzing the area and dispersing foam
  • Patent pending and Trademarked

The Fire Rover™ package includes:

  • Initial site survey
  • Installation and on-going maintenance of portable, self-contained unit
  • 24/7 video monitoring- Watchdog Security custom tailored security camera system
  • FLIR A310F Thermal Camera- pinpoints heat source within 2 degrees accuracy
  • Powerful Suppression System- dispenses eco-friendly class A&B firefighting foam at 150 psi- up to 150 ft with 343 degrees rotation
  • Real time reporting- includes incident report and video clip