Fire Rover™ Portable Fire Suppression System

Never Have a Fire Again!

Watchdog Security is excited to announce it’s newest product line for fire prevention and fluff pile monitoring. Fire Rover is a portable fire suppression system designed specifically for scrapyards, recycling centers, refineries, utilities and other businesses where fire hazards exist.

The Fire Rover system uses the FLIR A310F thermal camera, and is capable of detecting slight temperature changes. With Watchdog’s video analytic system and 24 hour surveillance, any detection of smoke, fire, or fire can instantly be suppressed.

Fire Rover is controlled offsite and dispenses world renowned fire fighting foam (Fireade 2000) at 150psi. It is capable of rotating 343 degrees and reaches up to 150 feet. Fire Rover can extinguish fires of all calibers, including metal, petroleum, plastic, agriculture, and waste fires.

For more information about bringing Fire Rover to your yard, call 844-41-ROVER and end the threat of fire today!

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