About FireRover

FireRover Eliminates the Threat of Fire.

Originally, the FireRover was developed to create a comprehensive proactive security solution for our Scrap Metal & Recycling Security customers. Countless customers had provide positive feedback with regard to our live monitoring systems and how helpful they were at eliminating the threat of theft and arson, but wished that we could also detect fires. We came up with the concept of FireRover to solve a problem many of our Clients face – undetected fires.  As we unveiled the FireRover, we have found that there a number of Industries including but not limited to Scrap, Recycling, Utilities, Industrials where the FireRover’s proactive fire suppression is a key to both safety and protection.

FireRover unitThe FireRover is the result of partnerships with the industry’s best technologies. It’s a portable, self contained, on site unit that utilizes state-of-the-art thermal imaging, Watchdog’s award winning 24/7 live video monitoring, and a powerful system to dispense most types of fire suppression foams and liquids for a complete fire prevention and suppression for most Classes of Fires.

With our technology, FireRover is able to detect fires in their infancy, even before they flare. The moment a temperature increase is detected, the FireRover team is alerted. The team analyzes the situation and if a spark or a fire is verified, engages the delivery system – dispensing foam that stunts and extinguishes fires of all calibers, including metal, petroleum, plastic, agriculture, and waste fires.

The Fire Rover portable system includes:

  • Initial site survey
  • Installation and life-time maintenance of the portable, self contained unit
  • 24/7 video monitoring- Watchdog Security custom tailored security camera system
  • FLIR A310F Thermal Camera- pinpoints heat source within 2 degrees accuracy
  • Powerful Suppression System- dispenses eco-friendly Class A-F firefighting foam at 150 psi- up to 150 ft (outdoors) with 343° rotation
  • Real time reporting, incident report and video clips

With Fire Rover on your property, you’ll never have to worry about fires again. See more details.


About Watchdog Security

Watchdog Security was founded in 2003, specializing in security, CCTV, and access control systems. As one of the largest Monitronics alarm dealers in the Midwest, Watchdog Security received countless quality control, volume, and retention awards. After conquering residential alarm applications, Watchdog Security found their niche as CCTV experts. 


In 2009, Watchdog Security introduced live-video monitoring to their services, and quickly became the leaders of innovative video monitoring applications. They used this technology to develop proprietary, state-of-the-art security solutions that have changed the industry. Now, Watchdog Security is renowned for their custom tailored security camera systems that seamlessly integrate into any business model; boasting several systems with over 275 live-monitored cameras.

The demand for Watchdog’s security systems prompted the introduction of video analytics within our video monitoring systems. Video analytics enhanced our video monitoring to even more accurate levels and enabled Watchdog’s monitoring team to clearly detect human intruders while also eliminating false alarms. Over the past 6 years, Watchdog Security has supervised the installation and operations of over 6,000 analytic cameras systems.