FireRover unit

Fire Rover™ Portable Fire Suppression System Fire Rover is the one and only portable fire suppression system that effectively and efficiently prevents fire 24/7. Fire Rover is equipped with the FLIR A310F thermal camera, Watchdog’s award-winning vide…

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Enforcer Systems


Enforcer® portable fire suppressions systems are ideal for facilities and yards with fire hazards, volatile areas or just to have available in case of a spontaneous fire. They are UL711 Class A and B Certified. When used with the recommended F…

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Watch a Bin Fire Extinguished in Seconds.

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"Fire Rover has just taken fire prevention to the next level. I saw it in action and had to have one. 24 hour surveillance helps me sleep at night!"
Installing Fire Rover was the best investment I’ve ever made. At 6:45 on a Friday night, Fire Rover detected a hot spot and smothered it. My lot is unattended until Monday morning. I had a full report within 24 hours including a video of what took place. If it wasn’t ...


You have to see it to believe it!

We can tell you all about how our unique fire suppression system is the most effective on the market, but you should just see it for yourself.

See It In Action!

Every Second Counts.

By the time you see smoke, we’ve done our job.

Protecting your fire hazard is key to keeping your business and your employees safe. Fire Rover provides effective, reliable thermal image monitoring and a proven fire suppression system for detecting dangerous temperatures and suppressing problem areas.

Scrapyards, recycling centers, utility centers and refineries all have high-risk areas. Investing in the right equipment and the best monitoring system helps keep that risk to a minimum. Call Fire Rover now for a free assessment of your operation and see why we are the leader in fire prevention.